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problems in aluminum sheet quality-Mingtai Aluminum

Date: 2019-11-23 09:14

The quality problems of aluminum sheets commonly found in the production of aluminum sheets will cause quality problems due to various reasons such as equipment or personnel operation errors. The common quality problems of Mingtai Aluminum are summarized below. I hope everyone can pay more attention when purchasing.

Oil stains are a common phenomenon in the quality of aluminum sheets.

The oil stain refers to the most excess oil on the surface of the aluminum plate after rolling, and the excess oil other than the rolling oil film can be seen by the naked eye during the rolling production and the finished product inspection. The surface is oily. These oils are mainly caused by the upper and lower rolls at the exit of the roll neck or the rolling mill, splashing, dripping on the surface of the box, the abnormality of the roll cleaning device of the rolling mill and the dripping of the oil. Thickness gauges for rolling mills are often complicated by dirt.

Oil stains will bring more damage to the surface of the aluminum sheet

First, since most aluminum sheet products are used as decorative materials or packaging materials, they must have a clean surface; secondly, the aluminum sheets are thin and easy to use in subsequent annealing. It forms bubbles and creates too much residue in it due to the use of too much oil, which affects the use. How many oil defects are important indicators for evaluating the quality of aluminum sheets.

Scratch problems in aluminum sheet production

Scratches, abrasions, and abrasions are intermittent or continuous surfaces of aluminum sheet. Usually produced when a sharp object slides against the surface of the aluminum plate. The main reason is that the surface of the guide roller has sharp defects or is caught by hard debris; shearing, winding, slitting the mechanical guide roller, mechanically having sharp defects or dry debris.

Mingtai Aluminum Solutions

Strictly inspect the production equipment before production and check the surface of the guide roller for sharp barbs. At the same time, if you find too much oil in the equipment, you should clean it in time and find out the cause. At the same time, the surface of the product to be produced should be cleaned and processed. If the product cannot be cleaned, it is prohibited to enter the market or enter the market.

Therefore, aluminum sheet manufacturers should pay attention to these problems when they are in production, and ensure the quality of products is the first priority.

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