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How is the price of 5052 aluminum foil today?

Date: 2019-07-22 16:16

Simple analysis of 5052 aluminum foil price:

The 5052 aluminum foil that needs to be used every day is directly purchased from the manufacturer, so that the wholesale quantity can be guaranteed, the price is also very favorable, and the product Quality does not need us to worry. However, the price of aluminum foil produced by different manufacturers will vary greatly. For wholesalers, there is a slight price difference. there will be a particularly large impact, naturally it is necessary to do a comprehensive comparison of prices, to know what factors affect the price.
5052 aluminum foil

Factors affecting the price of 5052 aluminum foil:

Factor one, the impact of quality on price. As long as the quality of 5052 aluminum foil is good, the price is generally around the average price of the market. The cost price of this type of aluminum foilRelatively close, so there will be no ultra-low price on the market. If we want to wholesale, directly cooperate with the manufacturer, then enjoy the market.The ex-factory price is naturally the cheapest. However, if the quality is slightly worse, or the materials are used, the price seems to be lower, but the actual use effect will be affected.It is still recommended that everyone consider it clearly. Factor two, the impact of wholesale quantity on prices. The quantity of wholesale 5052 aluminum foil will also have a certain impact on product prices.Factory wholesalers have a minimum requirement for wholesale quantities. If the wholesale quantity is more, the price will definitely be more favorable. Wholesale direct and factoryCooperation with the family, to understand the wholesale price of the manufacturer, will also help us in the later purchase.

Questions and answers about the 5052 aluminum foil price:

Q: Mingtai Aluminum sells 5052 aluminum foil, today's price / how much is a ton?
A: The price of aluminum foil is calculated based on the price of aluminum ingot + processing fee (aluminum foil state). The specific price is also based on the size specification of aluminum foil, the price of zero cut and the whole board.Differences.
Q: What are the better manufacturers of aluminum foil?
A: Needless to say, the strength of state-owned enterprises is that the price is high, the delivery is slow, and it is not close to the people. In recent years, the development of private enterprises is also good: for example, like Mingtai Aluminum, Mingtai Aluminum Since its establishment in 1997, the company has been actively adapting to the trend of economic development, and in the pursuit of excellence and creating value for society, constantly innovating technology and updating Equipment, innovative ideas, and refined products, we are committed to building a new aluminum processing benchmarking enterprise that leads the development of the industry. The main products include 1-8 series aluminum foil and aluminum plate High-quality products such as aluminum coils have won unanimous praise both inside and outside the industry.
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