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Color coated aluminum coil performance application information introduction

Date: 2019-05-18 09:28
Color coated aluminum coil
Pre-coated aluminum (pre-coated aluminum coil), produced with aluminum or (aluminum coil) and treated with a color coating. In common sense, there are two prefabricated aluminum coils - PVDF and PE, which are widely used in aluminum sheets, aluminum sheets, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, shingles, scraps, pop-up tops, and electronics. Precoated aluminum coils are the most popular material compared to other sections because of their superior properties. First of all, the property is very stable. Secondly, the surface is corrosion-resistant, and the special treatment can be up to 30 years after Mingtai. Finally, when the volume is fixed, the density is the lowest of the metal materials.

Alloy: 8011/1235/1100/1145/3003, etc.
Temper: O / H32 / H18
Width: 30-1600mm
Thickness: 0.02mm -2.5mm
Length: any length as a customer request
Standard: YS / T431-2000
Coating type: PE and PVDF are mainly
Thickness coating layer: PVDF: over 25 microns; PE, over 18 microns
Paint: PPG or Nippon
Inner diameter: 405mm, 505mm, 150mm, etc.
Color: RAL or customer sample
Coating hardness: (pencil hardness) exceeds 2H
Impact resistance: no cracking and spalling (50kg / Cm, ASTM D-2794: 1993)
Flexibility (T-Bend): no more than 2T
MEK resistance: over 100
MOQ: 5 tons
Package: Seaworthy Export Package
Delivery: about 30 days after the receipt of the deposit
Sample: available
Terms of trade: FOB, CFR, C&F, CIF
Payment term: T / T or L / C (30% deposit, balance see bill of lading or sight 100% irrevocable letter of credit)

Paint performance

Test item: Coating PVDF Sports and other with varnish No varnish
Film thickness, Μ : ≥22 ≥30 ≥18
Shining tolerance: blaze ≥ 80 units, ±10 units allowed Shine ≥ 20-80 units, ±7 units allowed Brightness < 20 units, ±5 units allowed
Pencil hardness: ≥1H
Wear resistance, L / Mm: ≥ 5 -
T-bend: ≤2T ≤3T
Impact strength: 50KG.CM without paint and cracks
Adhesion (class): ≥1
Boiling water resistance: unchanged
Chemical resistance:
Acid resistance: unchanged
Alkali stability: unchanged
Oil resistance: unchanged
Solvent resistance: ≥70 ≥50
Scrub resistance: ≥ 10,000 times unchanged
Dustproof: ≤15% -
Salt spray resistance (class): ≥ 2

As each type of coating surface coating, coated aluminum coils can be classified into polyester (PE) coated aluminum coils, fluorocarbon (PVDF) coated aluminum coils and epoxy coated aluminum coils.
Depending on the thickness of the coating, it can be divided into single-coated aluminum coils (4-20 microns); double-coated aluminum coils (25 to 28 microns) and three-layer coated aluminum coils (35-38 microns).
Color coated aluminum coils are widely used in roofing and cladding systems, ceiling systems, curtain wall panels, shutters, gutters, composite panels, cans, household appliances panels and embossed aluminum coils.

Our products have been exported to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Chile, Fiji, Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa and other more than 50 countries. If you have any requirements for our products, please feel free to contact us.
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