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8006 alloy aluminum foil for airline lunch containers

Date: 2019-08-27 17:13
The production requirements of the air lunch containers are relatively high. After the 8006 alloy aluminum foil is formed, the wrinkles are minimized, and only wrinkles at four right angles are allowed. Usually, aluminum foil is used as a raw material, which is cold rolled or hot rolled into a thickness. Uniform, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, no odor 8006 alloy aluminum foil mother roll, through a special equipment and mold one-time automatic cold stamping forming production process.

Processed with 8006 alloy aluminum foil:

As a high-grade aluminum foil product, the airline lunch containers has always been favored by customers. The main reason is that using it is equivalent to energy saving and emission reduction. This is in line with the country's vigorous promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, and it has received strong support from the state. First of all, the airline lunch containers is an energy-saving green product. It is made of 8006 aluminum foil. Its performance is excellent, light weight, conductive, heat conductive and processable. More importantly, it can be recycled and reused, and it is easy to degrade and has no pollution to the environment.
8006 alloy aluminum foil for lunch container

Strengthen the use of 8006 alloy aluminum foil:

Therefore, strengthening the use of 8006 alloy aluminum foil will undoubtedly contribute to the sustainable development of the national aluminum industry. Secondly, it is a status symbol, 8006 alloy aluminum foil as a high-end dining material, undoubtedly beautiful, loved by customers. More importantly, the expansion of the use of aluminum foil products such as airline lunch containers is equivalent to energy conservation and emission reduction, which is the storage of aluminum resources. Therefore, it is very necessary to continue to expand the use of aviation lunch containers. It can be said that there is no harm.
8006 alloy aluminum foil
The 8006 alloy aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a flat surface and a clean surface without oil. It is especially suitable for making wrinkle-free meals.
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