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8011 alloy for lunch containers-Mingtai Aluminum

Date: 2020-05-05 09:21

8011 alloy aluminum foil is a widely used tableware:

The thickness of the aluminum foil lunch containers is generally between 0.03m20.20m, and can be divided into wrinkle and wrinkle-free. It can also be divided into two types: secondary and reusable. In fact, it is a 3 or 8 series aluminum ingot raw material, which is cold-rolled or hot-rolled into a uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, no dust particles, no odor, 8011 aluminum foil master roll, after special equipment and mold one-time full Automatic cold stamping forming process.

lunch containers

8011 alloy Aluminum foil lunch containers application:

Application of 8011 alloy aluminum foil containers: Whether for cooked food or homemade food, cooking and reheating in a microwave oven is quick and easy, and the use of aluminum foil containers ensures the freshness of the food.

The following are the performances of using containers aluminum foil in oven: Guaranteed good and uniform heat transfer Can be used in both conventional and microwave ovens  Can be used for barbecues  Protect food from scorching  Suitable for refrigerated, frozen and fresh foods Packaging · can be heated on the original packaging · can be stable after cooking and heating · safe, hygienic and reliable, high temperature heated containers will not spill harmful substances, this is not a disposable container

8011 aluminum foil

8011 alloy Aluminum foil lunch containers use precautions:

Please note that only 8011 alloy aluminum foil containers with a thickness not exceeding 3 cm (because microwaves can no longer pass through it), the maximum filling height: 2.5 cm. The container must be filled with food (25 cm).

If not filled, there is a risk of scorching. Remove the lid of the foil at any time, otherwise the food will not be heated: if you want to cover the food. Please use a tablet or microwave oven to paste the film. · Dan Wan remembers that metal and metal cannot touch each other. The container can neither touch the furnace wall, furnace door or bottom, nor connect with other metal parts. This type of arc discharge and possible damage to the microwave oven can be avoided.

At the same time, do not use plates with gold and silver trim. The aluminum foil container must be kept at a certain distance from the stove wall or away from other wrong containers: for example, the aluminum container can be placed for about 10% of cooking and heating time, Food will absorb microwaves from above, and do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil containers, and do not reuse aluminum foil containers. Please clean and recycle after recycling.

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