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Safe and hygienic milk cap aluminum foil-8011 aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-17 16:24
milk cap aluminum foil why 8011 aluminum foil that? First of all, the sealing performance of aluminum foil is better than that of pure plastic.  Second, the strength of aluminum foil composite film. The third is the sealing technology.But many people don't know how is made up of 8011 aluminum foil cover cup of milk, ming-tai aluminum 8011 - o aluminum foil, state is very soft, non-toxic tasteless, safety and health, surface clean, uniform color, very suitable for making milk cap aluminum foil , at the same time ming-tai aluminum foil 8011 water to brush A level, good humidity-proof property and shading extremely high blocking ability, growth of milk store time.And 8011-o state aluminum foil, is the most widely used on the market a kind of milk cap aluminum foil packaging material aluminum foil, we see every day is 8011-o state aluminum foil price. To learn more about aluminum foil for milk cap aluminum foil.


8011 aluminum foil is the representative product of 8 series aluminum alloy, and 8021 aluminum foil is also the representative product, which is a hot seller. 8011 is commonly used to do aluminum foil, generally in aluminum products are very rare. 8011 aluminum foil is better than pure aluminum foil in performance, is widely used in the aluminum foil family, 8011 aluminum foil is mainly used in medicine packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cover, sealing foil and other fields. Because 8011 aluminum foil products directly contact with food drugs, the state is very strict on its quality requirements, henan mintai aluminum as a professional aluminum plate with foil deep processing of large enterprises, listed companies, product quality and production technology meet the standards, has won the majority of new and old customers praise.

Henan mintai aluminum can process 8011 aluminum foil with thickness of 0.02mm -- 0.07mm and width of 300mm-1100mm. As a large aluminum processing enterprise producing aluminum foil, the medical aluminum foil produced by mingtai aluminum is widely and mature in daily life, mainly used for blister packaging of drug capsules, tablets, and bag packaging of powder particles and water agents. Mingtai has more than 20 years of production experience, 6 semi-continuous casting lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling lines, 7 cold rolling machines, 10 foil rolling mills and other international leading production and processing equipment. Rich production experience and advanced machinery and equipment to ensure the quality of products mingtai, mingtai production of aluminum foil sell well at home and abroad. Welcome to consult and order.
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