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Milk cap foil with 8011 aluminum foil is safe and hygienic

Date: 2019-07-24 14:12

Milk cap foil is made of 8011 aluminum foil:

Milk is one of the favorite drinks. The yogurt is covered with a layer of silver-white tissue. Some people may not only say what it is. It is what we call the milk cap Foil, milk cap foil is made of aluminum foil. Generally, the milk cap foil will use 8011 food aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil. The main aluminum products for bottle caps are 1xxx and 3xxx ,8xxx series aluminum alloy, aluminum for bottle cap is mainly used in the fields of bottle cap packaging such as alcohol, beverage, cosmetics, etc.

mikl cap aluminum foil

Advantages of making a milk cap with 8011 aluminum foil:

1Isolated air is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof. 2The mechanical function is strong, the anti-explosive function is high, and the puncture and tear resistance function is strong. 3 high temperature resistance (121), low temperature resistance (-50), oil resistance, and good fragrance. 4 Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and pharmaceutical packaging cleaning standards. 5 heat sealing function is good。Food packaging foil is widely used as a tool made of flattened metal aluminum foil. It is mainly used for cooking, holding food in the kitchen, or for making some.A material that can be easily cleaned. Take 8011-O aluminum foil, it has good moisture and corrosion resistance, and the production of milk cap  foil can also be used, and it is good effect. The use of aluminum foil for food packaging suggests the use of bright aluminum foil, oily pinholes, etc., which are quality problems.

milk cap aluminum foil

Milk cap aluminum foil related questions and answers:

Q: What is the milk cap of the milk ?
A: The milk cap material produced by Mingtai Aluminum is mainly 8011-O aluminum foil. The production process is strictly controlled, the supervision mechanism is strict, and the raw material of the raw material is aluminum foil: non-toxic, odorless, light weight and good sealing performance, barrier, waterproof performance and other characteristics, strict quality inspection, aluminum foil to ensure brush water A grade, safe and sanitary.
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