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How to calculate the price of aluminum sheet / coil / foil

Date: 2019-05-17 11:21
The price of aluminum sheets/rolls/foil varies with the market. The following are some of the factors that affect prices.
1. The price of aluminum ingots
     / The coil is made of an aluminum ingot. Therefore, the price of aluminum ingots has a great influence on the price of aluminum sheets. We all know that the price of aluminum ingots changes every day, so the price of aluminum sheets/coils is changing every day.
2. Fees
    If the amount of alloy is different, the price of the aluminum plate will vary. Even in the same serial number, products with different states and specifications have different prices. In addition, even the same product may have different prices among different manufacturers. This is related to production capacity, product quality and other costs.
3. Dlivery Freight
    Delivery is an important part of sales. The distance to the destination, the quantity of the goods and other factors can infect the final shipping cost. Therefore, the price of aluminum sheets may also be infected. At the same time, the freight is not fixed.
In addition, other factors may also cause price differences such as exchange rates.
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