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6082 aluminum alloy smelting process - aluminum plate, aluminum coil

Date: 2019-05-18 09:12
Material (alloy): 6082 aluminum alloy
Production: 6082 aluminum foil, 6082 aluminum coil, 6082 aluminum plate
Thickness: 0.8-10mm
Width: 900-1600mm
Length: 800-8000mm
6082 aluminum alloy manufacturer is characterized by Mn, Mn is difficult to melt metal, the melting temperature should be controlled
At 740-760 ° C. Allow the sample to stir evenly twice before ensuring that the metal is completely melted.
The temperature is accurate and the composition is uniform. After mixing in the middle of the depth of aluminum,
The left and right sides of the furnace for each sample were analyzed and used after folding.
2. Purification and casting
Melting into a static furnace, dedusting with nitrogen and refining agent, spray refining, refining temperature 735-745 ° C, time 15 minutes, after standing and refining for 30 minutes. Degassing, slag removal, purification
The process of melting.
In the mold on the ceramic foam filter (30ppi) filter, there are two filtering devices.
The mixture was filtered through a 14-stage glass fiber cloth prior to casting and the oxide was thoroughly filtered out in the melt and slag.
6082 alloy aluminum alloy casting temperature is high (compared with 6063 normal process), casting speed is low,
If the water flow is too large, the above process must be strictly controlled and cannot be out of range, otherwise it is easy to cause
Casting failed.
The 6082 of Mingtai Aluminum Alloy is a 6000 series (Al Mg Si) alloy sheet used primarily in the transportation and structural engineering industries.
6082 aluminum alloy sheet is an ideal material for the manufacture of high speed marine components.
6082 aluminum plate, 6061, 6101, 6063
Mingtai aluminum alloy manufacturers can provide aluminum-plastic composite panels, color coated aluminum coils, PVDF coated aluminum coils,
Aluminum alloy pedal, aluminum ring, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, household film, air container film,
Cable film, electronic capacitor film, medical aluminum foil, plastic aluminum foil, flexible packaging aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum coil,
CTP inventory, Litho stock, caps, aluminum pedals, embossed coils, mirror panels, can lid materials, aviation
Aluminum, mold aluminum, etc. At the same time, we also accept OEM / ODM production according to customer requirements..
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