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Wide use of aluminum composite panel - Mingtai Aluminum

Date: 2019-07-31 11:09

What is an aluminum composite panel?

Aluminum composite panel refers to a three-layer composite sheet with plastic as the core layer and aluminum on both sides, and the surface of the product is covered with decorative and protective coating or film (if there is no special Do not indicate that it is commonly referred to as coating) as a decorative surface for the product. A new type of decorative material introduced from Germany to China in the late 1980s and early 1990s, also known as It is an aluminum composite board.
aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel are widely used:

The unique properties of the aluminum composite panel itself determine its wide range of uses: 1100 h18 aluminum panels can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, and renovation of old buildings New, indoor wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dustproof works. Aluminum composite panels have been widely used in China and belong to a new type.Building decoration materials have an excellent reputation. The 1100h18 aluminum plate produced has certain corrosion resistance and the ability of stress corrosion cracking. Solderable Strong, can accept gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding, and has brazability. Moreover, the aluminum composite panel produced by it has good weather resistance, high strength and easy Maintenance; good plasticity, impact resistance, can reduce building load, good shock resistance; excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation and excellent fire resistance;It is good in neatness, light and hard, and has a wide range of uses.
aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel related questions and answers:

Q: What is the use of aluminum composite panel?
A: The aluminum  composite panel is also called aluminum-plastic composite board. It is made of chemically coated aluminum sheet as the surface material, and polyethylene plastic is used as the core material. It is produced in special aluminum composite material processed on equipment. The unique properties of the aluminum composite panel itself determine its wide range of uses: it can be used on the exterior walls of buildings,Curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, interior walls, etc.
Q: What is the role of the topcoat of aluminum composite  panel?
A: The function of the  aluminum composite panel topcoat is the main body that reflects the purpose of painting, that is, it mainly reflects the decorative (such as rich color) and weather resistance and corrosiveness after being painted.
Mingtai Aluminum is a raw material manufacturer of aluminum composite panel (no post-processing, printing, adhesive, etc., only aluminum foil substrates), aluminum composite panels produced Stable quality, global exports, affordable, can be assured of purchasing!
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