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Advantages of 3004 alloy aluminum foil

Date: 2019-08-27 17:01
3004 alloy aluminum foil is non-toxic to the human body. The food container made by 3004 alloy aluminum foil can store foods with sugar, protein, fat, organic acid, and possibly salt. Aluminum foil is used as food container material and food directly. Contact, but also need to be stored for a long time, they should not react with each other, do not endanger human health, do not bring pollution to food and affect food
3004 alloy aluminum foil

3004 alloy aluminum foil corrosion resistance:

3004 alloy aluminum foil has good corrosion resistance. Because canned foods contain organic acids, proteins and other organic substances, as well as some inorganic salts necessary for human body, the container will cause corrosion. Some substances in the canned food industry produce some chemical changes to release certain corrosive substances, and the contents of the canned foods in the long-term storage process will also slowly change in contact with the container to cause corrosion of the container. . 3004 alloy aluminum foil is used as a material for the storage of cans, which can effectively prevent corrosion caused by contact between food and container.

3004 alloy aluminum foil types and features:

3004 alloy aluminum foil types and characteristics. According to the nature of the container material, the material of the canister container commonly used in production can be roughly divided into metal and non-metal. The most commonly used metal material is 3004 alloy aluminum foil, in addition to chrome-plated iron and the like. Non-metal: mainly includes glass, plastic, composite materials, etc. Of course, the price of 3004 alloy aluminum foil may be slightly more expensive than that of glass plastic, but in terms of safety and hygiene, aluminum foil material has an irreplaceable advantage.
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