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aluminum 5052 coil for sale-Mingtai Al Co., Ltd

Date: 2020-04-13 11:22

aluminum 5052 coil PS aluminum alloy substrate material

 There are three types of aluminum 5052 coil PS version aluminum substrate thickness: 0.3mm, 0.24mm, 0.1mm, and there is a trend toward thinner direction. Among the PS substrates for printing in the world, ps aluminum substrates for printing still occupy the dominant position, and most of them use 5052 aluminum coil with 0.2 ~ 0.28mm thickness, and a small amount are produced with 3003 aluminum coil.

How much is 1 ton for aluminum 5052 coil ps aluminum substrate for printing?

Commonly used substrates for printing ps aluminum plates are generally aluminum 5052 alloy aluminum coil. The price of aluminum 5052 coil for sale usually needs to be combined with user needs. The alloys are different, and the thickness, length, width, state and other factors are overall calculated. Then printing ps aluminum plate substrate processing The fees are different, so the price is also different.

aluminum 5052 coil for sale

The aluminum 5052 coil for sale has a certain relationship with the market aluminum ingot price plus the processing fee. The market aluminum ingot price is affected by market factors, so its aluminum 5052 coil price is also changing.

aluminum 5052 coil manufacturers

Mingtai Aluminum is the leading aluminum 5052 coil manufacturers with sophisticated production technology, advanced equipment for producing aluminum 5052 coil, and high quality products.

In short, as a professional and well-known aluminum 5052 coil manufacturers for printing, Mingtai Aluminum assures you that the product quality is good, the price is affordable, and the service is better, which can create higher economic benefits for you.

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