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aluminum coil company provides relevant knowledge

Date: 2020-05-02 10:58

aluminum coil company tells about the requirements of the storage environment

The first is the requirements for the aluminum coil storage environment. The aluminum coil should be stored in an indoor environment with constant temperature and suitable humidity to ensure that the aluminum coil will not oxidize and change color when it encounters water. Many customers have high requirements for the color saturation on the surface of the aluminum coil. If the surface of the coil is oxidized, it will lose its original gloss, so special attention must be paid.

aluminum coil company reminds that placement is also important

Secondly, the placement of aluminum coils is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, this is also very important. The space between the aluminum coil and the wooden bracket is more conducive to ventilation and makes the aluminum coil less prone to moisture. Aluminum coil factory usually uses aluminum coils, which are all packaged above the quality of wood. The humidity of wood materials has been strictly tested, which not only ensures the safety of aluminum coil placement, but also facilitates the storage and use of customers.

aluminum coil company

In the process of aluminum coil production, product quality problems are prone to occur due to operational errors of machinery or personnel. Here, the engineers of the aluminum coil manufacturer summarize the common product quality problems as follows, and hope that the manufacturing department of the aluminum coil companies pay attention to the following phenomena:

aluminum coil company needs to solve the oil pollution problem

Oil pollution is a common quality problem of aluminum coil products. Grease refers to the excessive grease on the surface layer of the aluminum tip after rolling, and the excessive grease outside the rolled oil film, which is visible to the naked eye during cutting, manufacturing, and product inspection. These oils are mainly caused by spraying, splashing, dripping of the surface layer of the box, abnormality of the roller cleaning agent, dripping of the measuring head of the mill, etc., and are often dirty and complicated.

aluminum coil company

Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that the aluminum coil company needs to pay attention to the storage environment during the aluminum coil production process, the placement of aluminum coils, and oil pollution issues in order to achieve product quality. Mingtai Aluminum Co.,Ltd is such an aluminum coil company and factory that strictly controls the product quality. The products are mainly exported and the quality is guaranteed.
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