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Aluminum coil manufacturers perfectly solve problems in shipping

Date: 2020-04-22 10:12

The world economic growth has slowed down, aluminum coil capacity exceeds supply, prices have fallen, and more than half of the aluminum coil manufacturers have experienced losses. One is to encourage exports. As far as the aluminum industry is concerned, the government has implemented an export tax rebate policy for aluminum finished products to encourage domestic aluminum coil manufacturers to go out and resolve the contradiction in production capacity through exports.

what issues should be paid attention to when shipping aluminum coils

With the continuous increase in the export volume of aluminum coils, various problems have also surfaced. Below, let's talk about what issues should be paid attention to when shipping aluminum coils:


  1.  The first thing to say is packaging. By sea, it is not necessary to transport by land. The environment on the ocean is harsh and changeable. It is difficult to avoid strong winds and waves. Therefore, the packaging of aluminum coils must be tightly sealed to protect them. We have encountered several times when the container has been flooded with water and the aluminum coil has been soaked, or the aluminum coils have collided with each other and squeezed and damaged. Therefore, aluminum coil manufacturers must be cautious about the packaging of foreign trade products.

    aluminum coil

  2.  Secondly, labels must be accurate. On the outer packaging of the aluminum coil, be sure to attach a descriptive label, such as the product name, type, quantity, origin, etc., which is convenient for counting and checking customs.

  3. Determine the shipping schedule. Shipping is no better than land transportation. It is normal to drift on the sea for 10 or even 20 days. Therefore, you must double check the departure and arrival times to remind customers to declare customs in time without delay.

  4.  Determine the port of call in your country. There are many seaports in a country. When chartering a ship, you must determine in advance whether the port of call is convenient for customers to pick up and transport.

  5. Determine the holidays in your country. In many countries, holidays such as Christmas in Europe and the United States, and Ramadan during Muslims, production activities will be affected, so precautions should be taken in advance to reduce the impact.


After understanding the above precautions, I believe that companies engaged in international trade will use better planning when purchasing aluminum coils. Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a well-known domestic aluminum coil manufacturer with guaranteed quality and safe shipping.

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