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Aluminum foil for packaging features

Date: 2020-04-22 13:38

Aluminum foil for packaging is generally suitable for many product packaging, these products can be food or can be strictly controlled by temperature and static electricity generated, such as some chemical powder, some electronic components.

Aluminum foil for packaging advantage

Aluminum foil for packaging is used for packaging electronic products with anti-static and moisture-proof functions. It has good water-proof, gas-blocking and moisture-proof functions, and has excellent anti-static function. For ordinary packaging methods, aluminum foil packaging bags have unique advantages. Bags made from 8011 aluminum foil have better barrier properties for storage. When producing packaging products, aluminum foil for packaging can be selected according to different products, and products suitable for different industries can be made by adding different materials. Such as moisture-proof aluminum foil packaging bags, anti-static aluminum foil packaging bags.

aluminum foil for packaging

Mingtai Aluminum can customize the production of high quality aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum as a aluminum foil manufacturer can customize the production of high-quality aluminum foil. The downstream packaging materials manufacturers can use aluminum foil for packaging and various composite materials through advanced packaging equipment such as coating, printing, compounding, slitting, molding, and The double-layer or multi-layer composite bag packaged by various processes is processed to produce various functional aluminum foil packaging bags with good moisture-proof, shading and anti-static shielding functions, and can be vacuumed for various products such as foods. Vacuum aluminum foil packaging bag. It is widely used in packaging of food, pharmaceutical packaging, garment composite packaging, chemical industry, packaging of electronic components, and anti-counterfeit packaging bags.

aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum has a wealth of experience in the production of aluminum foil for packaging, and is committed to creating higher quality aluminum foil products for customers with quality first.

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