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Application and classification of aluminum composite panel

Date: 2019-07-31 11:08

Aluminum composite panel application introduction:

As a new type of decorative material, aluminum composite panel is economical, diverse in color, convenient construction method, excellent processing performance and excellent fire protection.Sex and noble quality are quickly favored by people. Aluminum-plastic composite panel has smooth surface, colorful color, strong impact resistance, easy cleaning and firm.It is widely used in the home improvement industry, especially in the home improvement industry. Let's take a look at its application and classification. Aluminum composite panel sub-wall engineering board and inside.There are two types of wall decoration panels, and the latter is generally used for home decoration.
aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel is divided into two sides and one side:

The aluminum composite panel is divided into two sides and one side. The surface of the double-sided aluminum-plastic board is rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy board. The front side is sprayed, and the reverse side of the aluminum plate is natural. Single-sided aluminum composite panel only there is a layer of aluminum alloy plate on the surface, the strength is slightly worse, and the price is also cheaper. Surface painting quality, good aluminum plastic adopts imported hot-pressing spraying process, the film color is uniform, strong adhesion, not easy to remove paint after scratching. Aluminum composite panels for home decoration are generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, room heating covers, partitions, etc.Multi-aluminum composite panel price information can call aluminum composite panel direct telephone consultation.
aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composition panel related questions and answers:

Q: What are the main types of aluminum composite panel?
A: There are many varieties of aluminum-plastic composite panels, and it is a new type of material. Therefore, there is no unified classification method, usually according to the purpose, product function and surface decoration effect sorted. According to the purpose: there are divided walls and exterior walls. According to the decorative effect can be divided into: aluminum plastic curtain wall panel series, aluminum plastic environmental protection series, aluminum plastic ring protection series (roller wood grain), aluminum plastic environmental protection series, etc.
Q: What are the common specifications for aluminum composite panels?
A: There are many specifications for aluminum-plastic composite panels. At the same time, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor aluminum-plastic composite panels. Generally, the specifications of aluminum-plastic composite panels are as follows: 1. Common thickness.It is 4mm, the thickness of the aluminum skin on both sides is 0.4mm and 0.5mm, and the coating is a fluorocarbon coating. 2. The standard size is: 1220*2440mm, its width is usually: 1220mm, conventional is 1250mm, 1575m and so on.
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