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Tips for choosing aluminum composite panel

Date: 2019-07-31 14:12
aluminum composite panel  is often used in our daily home decoration,Nowadays, there are many kinds of aluminum composite panel on the market, and many businesses attract some of consumer with low price, be in so when choose and buy aluminum composite panel  cannot be greedy small cheap. Today, I'd like to share my choices with you buy aluminum composite panel matters needing attention, look together!

alumimum composition panel outer wrapped

Notes on buying aluminum composite panel:
1. In fact, the quality of aluminum plastic plate is not the thickness, mainly depends on the quality of aluminum. When buying, 10 million cannot pay attention to the thickness of plank only degree for instance some businessmen can use this psychology of consumer, the plank does a few thick will profit.

2. Generally, the 
aluminum composite panel for home decoration should not be too thick, because the condole ceiling of home decoration basically does not have any heavy objects. Generally only engineering, in order to prevent deformation, will choose a thicker aluminum composite panel

3. Beating to listen to the sound is also a good practice, take a sample to beat a few times, listen to the sound, if the sound is crisp that the substrate is better, if the sound is dull to say there are more magazines.

4 or repeatedly break, observe whether there is peeling phenomenon. Generally g
ood aluminum composite panel paint surface only crack will not have large paint off. Still have, commonly good aluminous model board is the reverse side has lacquer, because the environment of the reverse side is more face wet, the aluminous model board that has lacquer on the back so service life is more Long.

aluminum composition panel in building use

When the purchase of attention to the above several aspects, basically choose aluminum composite panel is not too big problem. Henan mingtai aluminum co., ltd. is a professional aluminum composite panel.We are a leading manufacturer of aluminum and plastic products, which can be exported to the world and can be customized. Welcome to email us.

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