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Performance and use of aluminum composite panel

Date: 2019-11-23 10:00

aluminum composite panel, is a new type of ecological environment building material. Since the 1970 s, with its advanced composite material structures and properties, excellent cost-effective and easy processability, rich and colorful decorative effect and durability, significant resource conservation and environmental protection products such as comprehensive performance is widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising signboard, vehicle decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. aluminum composite panel is widely used in airports, large stadiums and theatres and other landmark buildings in cities, so it is highly concerned and is an important product related to the national economy and people's livelihood. After entering the 21st century, as the third generation curtain wall material after stone (ceramic brick) and glass, the aluminum composite panel has developed rapidly.

Performance of aluminum composite panel 

(1) super stripping degree of  aluminum composite panel adopted new technology, the aluminum material of the key technical indicators, peel strength, increase in excellent shape, made of aluminum material flatness of hou resistance performance are increased accordingly
(2) material processing 
aluminum composite panel easily, the weight of every square metre only in 3.5- 5.5 kilograms, so it can reduce the harm caused by earthquake disasters, and easy to carry, its superior construction simple woodworking tools can complete cutting and cutting edge bent into arcAngle of all kinds of plastic, can cooperate with designers, make all sorts of change, it is easy to install. Reduce the construction cost
(3) the fire performance excellence Mingtai Aluminum aluminum-plastic plate is flame retardant material PE plastic core material, both sides is very difficult to burn aluminum layer, therefore, is a safe, fire prevention materials, in accordance with refractory need
(4) the building strong impact resistance to impact toughness bending don't damage paint, strong resistance to impact, region also won't appear in the sand blown by wind damage
(5) super weatherability as KYNAR - 500 was adopted for the weatherability of PVDF fluorocarbon has a unique advantage, whether in the hot sun or hurt in the cold wind and snow the appearance of beautiful, up to 20 years do not fade
(6) uniform coating color variety through into processing and the application of henkle technology, makes the paint and panel stamped with the adhesion between the uniformity, color variety, let you choose space bigger, all show your personalized
(7) easy maintenance

aluminum composite panel

The use of aluminum composite panel

1. External wall of the building, curtain wall panel.
2. Modification and renovation of the external walls of the old buildings.
3. Balcony, equipment unit and indoor compartment.
4. Panel, logo board and display platform.
5, interior wall decoration panel, ceiling, advertising signs.
6, industrial wood, cold car body.

 aluminum composite panel

Henan mingtai aluminum co., LTD. Is a large professional aluminum composite panel production enterprise, providing high-quality, internationally leading quality  aluminum composite panel products, for many years wide.It is widely used in more than 100 buildings across the country. At the same time, the foreign trade volume of  aluminum composite panel panel exports doubled in recent years, the current export is more in the commonwealth of independent states, Turkey, Africa, southeast Asia and other regions, I believe that in the near future, like the production of aluminum composite panel, China's production of other quality aluminum composite panel will be used in engineering projects around the world.

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