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Production process of mingtai'aluminum composite panel

Date: 2019-07-31 14:14
The raw and auxiliary materials needed for the production of various aluminum composite panel include aluminum coil, polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride resin board, protective film, polymer adhesive, acrylic coating, degreasing agent, epoxy resin primer, gas-carbon resin paint, chemical treatment agent, chemical leather film agent, polishing agent, anticorrosive carving ink and so on. In order to produce high quality products, aluminum sheets and adhesives used are also imported from abroad, as well as sandwich boards. This should depend on the situation and decide, manufacturer can press the requirement of user and market demand, import partial raw material, in order to improve product grade.

1100 aluminum foil

The quality of aluminum composite panel products is closely related to the quality of raw and auxiliary materials. Two kinds of materials are very critical and important: fluorocarbon resin coatings and adhesives, which determine the surface quality of aluminum composite panel and the fastness of composite bonding. The best surface coating is gas carbon coating. There are many kinds of gas coatings, acrylic acid containing fluorine coatings are also used in China.

Another factor affecting the quality of aluminum composition panel is the bonding quality. This is also a problem related to materials. The production of aluminum composite panel  includes four processes: pre-treatment of aluminum coil, coating, compounding and trimming of aluminum coil. The aluminum composite panel  produced by mingtai firstly selects 1100 alloy as the raw material and high quality auxiliary material. Secondly, strict standards are implemented in the production process, such as cold rolling, foil rolling, winding and cutting, low-temperature oil removal, etc., to ensure product quality and enhance product performance.
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