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Aluminum foil for easy tear film

Date: 2019-08-19 19:21
Aluminum Foil for Easy Tear Film, as its name implies, is mainly in the process of film and film or film and tray sealing, and then tearing apart, obviously different from the products on the market, the power required for tearing is significantly reduced, convenient Open the package a product. Easy tearing is mainly divided into two ways: internal and easy tear film and substrate peeling.
esay tear film

Aluminum Foil for Easy Tear Film achieves easy tearing effect:

Aluminum Foil for Easy Tear Film mainly achieves easy tearing effect in the following three ways: 1. Controlling the breaking strength: This method is a more advanced method. The aluminum foil of Mingtai Aluminum has strong tear strength and can be different. The substrate of the material is optional. 2, choose the appropriate adhesive layer: this method is commonly used such as EVA or glue on the sealing film and other materials. 3. Control the adhesion between the adhesive layer and the intermediate layer: this method utilizes the adhesion of the heat seal layer and the intermediate layer to completely retain the heat seal layer on the substrate, thereby achieving an easy tearing effect.
packaging aluminum foil

The Aluminum Foil for Easy Tear Film application is very common:

 Currently on the market,Aluminum Foil for Easy Tear Film applications are very common, mainly distributed as follows: 39% for desserts such as jelly and ice cream, 14% for fast-food rice and conditioning rice, 11% for tofu products, 14% for medical products, 10% for soft canned and cooked food, ham 7% with meat and 5% other. Nowadays, the coffee bars are also easy to tear, easy to disassemble, and no longer have the trouble of tearing open.
The packaging aluminum foil raw materials produced by Mingtai are not only used for easy tear film, but also can be used in other foods, medicines or electronic packaging.
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