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Aluminum foil for packaging - Mingtai Aluminum

Date: 2019-08-06 16:07

Outlook for aluminum foil for packaging:

In recent years, the amount of aluminum foil used for packaging has been increasing due to its excellent performance. It has a low density of only 1/3 of steel and is light in weight; it has excellent processability and is easy to be stamped into various complicated shapes; it has strong corrosion resistance and does not rust; barrier property, light blocking property and heat preservation property. Good, can effectively protect the product; high thermal conductivity, easy to sterilize aluminum cans; silver white, beautiful color, and high reflectivity to light, easy to print, good printing effect; non-toxic and tasteless, not due to aluminum ions It escapes and brings odor to the food inside; the waste aluminum container can be recycled and remelted without environmental pollution.
aluminum foil for packaging

Advantages of aluminum foil for packaging:

The aluminum foil is calendered with pure aluminum having a purity of 99.5% or more, and the thickness is between 0.005 and 0.2 mm. It is light and lustrous, has strong reflection ability, can be used as heat-insulating insulation package; good barrier property, non-breathable body and water vapor; easy to process, easy to process into various shapes; easy to print, glue, lacquer, color, Embossing, printing, etc.; strong adaptability to temperature, stable shape at high temperature or low temperature; excellent light-shielding and aroma retention.
packaging aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for packaging purposes:

Due to its strong corrosion resistance, good barrier properties, non-toxic and odorless characteristics, aluminum foil for packaging is widely used, it can be packaged separately; more is made of paper, plastic film, etc. for food, cigarettes Packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc., can be made into retort pouches, packaged convenience foods and cooked foods.
Mingtai Aluminum is the top ten manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials in China. It can undertake orders of 8-2000 tons of  packaging aluminum foil , and the specifications can be customized and the price is favorable. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to consult and order.
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