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aluminum foil for packaging market demand-Mingtai ALuminum

Date: 2019-08-14 15:18

The advantages of aluminum foil for packaging are becoming more and more obvious:

As packaging materials, important structural materials and functional materials, aluminum foil for packaging is widely used in various fields of the national economy. With the continuous improvement of the production process of aluminum foil, the advantages of aluminum foil for packaging are becoming more and more obvious. This opens up a new incremental space for the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry. Compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the average amount of aluminum used in China is still Low. According to the European Aluminum Foil Industry Association, more than 70% of aluminum foil is used in various packaging products in Europe. In the United States this ratio is as high as 75%.

lunch boxs

Aluminum foil for packaging for the production of aluminum foil lunch boxes:

The industry believes that with the continuous improvement of the production process of aluminum foil for packaging, the cost of producing aluminum foil lunch boxes has been greatly reduced. At present, aviation catering has been widely used, and the consumption trend is gradually becoming apparent. The upcoming World Expo will also purchase a large number of aluminum foil lunch boxes. It is foreseeable that the aluminum foil lunch box will gradually be accepted by the public and become a new consumer fashion.The application prospect of container aluminum foil is also very broad, and the main application is aluminum foil container. Taking aluminum foil lunch boxes as an example, there is a huge market for the consumption of disposable aluminum foil lunch boxes. Under the background of the country's vigorous promotion of the development of a low-carbon economy, the "white pollution" plastic lunch boxes will gradually be abandoned by the market, and the environmentally friendly and convenient aluminum foil lunch boxes will be accepted by the public.

aluminum foil for packaging

Demand for aluminum foil for packaging has increased significantly:

With the improvement of research and development capabilities and production technology of packaging aluminum foil manufacturers in China, coupled with the cost advantage of products, domestic enterprises have experienced rapid growth in exports. China has become a net exporter from the net importing countries of aluminum foil, and aluminum foil processing enterprises for packaging have also become more and more Feng, the competitiveness is constantly improving. In the 21st century, the demand for aluminum foil has increased significantly, which has promoted the growth of investment in the aluminum foil industry and the increase in production capacity and output of aluminum foil for internal packaging.

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