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Aluminum foil lunch container in microwave oven

Date: 2019-08-25 16:00

Brief introduction of aluminum foil lunch container:

The aluminum foil lunch container is a new food container for the Chinese, so it is relatively unfamiliar. Some people have been saying that it is good, but there are also some that are less understood, or that they do not understand, especially in the plastics industry. However, in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, including the current Middle East. Plastic lunch container have gradually been replaced by aluminum foil lunch container.
lunch containers

Aluminum foil lunch container  are used in microwave ovens:

Everyone thought that the aluminum foil lunch container could not be used in the microwave oven, but it was actually wrong. How to use the aluminum foil lunch container in the microwave oven: 1. Please tear the aluminum cover before use. (Open the lid, do not seal the heating). 2. The food should be covered with a lunch container (at least 80% of the entire lunch container ). 3. The aluminum foil lunch container should be placed in the middle of the turntable of the microwave oven. (Note: If your microwave oven is a metal turntable, place a ceramic or glass tray under the aluminum foil lunch container .) 4. The aluminum foil lunch container should not touch the four walls of the microwave oven. (At least 2cm from the wall of the microwave oven) 5. The microwave oven can only use one aluminum foil lunch container at a time.
aluminum foil for lunch containers

Raw material for aluminum foil lunch container:

What is the raw material of the aluminum foil lunch container ? From the name of the aluminum foil lunch container , the aluminum foil lunch container  is made of aluminum foil as the substrate. The aluminum foil that can be used to make the lunch container includes 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil and 8006 aluminum foil, of which 8006 aluminum foil is mainly used for the production of wrinkle-free aviation. Lunch container , these aluminum foil raw materials are used in the production of aluminum foil lunch container , which are easy to shape, easy to seal and ensure food hygiene. They can be widely used in food cooking, baking, freezing and preservation.
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