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Development of aluminum foil packaging

Date: 2019-07-17 16:21
Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil as the most expensive packaging materials, only used for high-end packaging. In 1911, Swiss confectionery company began packaging chocolate in aluminum letters. Gradually, tin foil became popular. In 1913, the United States began to produce aluminum foil on the basis of the success of refining, mainly used for high-grade goods, teaching supplies and gum packaging. In 1921, the United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil board, t to be used as decorative board and advanced packaging folding paper box. In 1938, heat-sealable aluminum foil was introduced. During world war ii, aluminum sales as military packaging materials have been rapidly developed. In 1948, it began to use aluminum foil containers to package food. In the 1950s, aluminum paper, aluminum - plastic composite materials began to develop. To the 1970s. With the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum - plastic composite packaging into the rapid popularity of the period.

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Into the 21st century. Market competition and product homogenization trend. Stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. In 2002, the global packaging market size has exceeded 500 billion us dollars. The development of the aluminum foil packing basic synchronization with the industry development, in the Chinese market, aluminum foil packaging development faster, there are mainly two reasons: first, China's flexible packaging market development obvious gap with developed countries, consumer goods and food flexible packaging for a small proportion, developed countries have accounted for more than 65%, some of which have been more than 70%, while China accounts for about 15%. Nearly two years the proportion of the rapid increase; Second, the domestic aluminum-plastic composite aluminum-paper composite technology is becoming increasingly mature and the production cost is reduced, which promotes the popularization and application of aluminum-matrix composite materials in the Chinese packaging market.

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Since its establishment in 1997, mintai aluminum co., ltd. has been keeping up with the trend of economic development, striving for excellent quality and creating value for the society Technology, updated equipment, innovative ideas, refined products, committed to build a leading industry development of the new model of aluminum processing enterprises, while winning the industry inside and outside". Ming-tai aluminum research and development production of aluminum foil packaging mainly includes packaging aluminum foil bag with aluminum foil, electronic foil, food-grade aluminum foil, milk cover, etc., welcome 
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