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Mingtai aluminum honeycomb foil for stone composite board

Date: 2019-07-30 13:47

Aluminum honeycomb foil product introduction:

Mingtai Aluminum Honeycomb Foil is a high quality and low price aluminum honeycomb product,also known as honeycomb aluminum foil.  The quality of our aluminum honeycomb foil products is in the forefront of the industry, saving customers in terms of price A large amount of material costs. Aluminum honeycomb foil is produced with better aluminum foil, high quality glue and advanced technical equipment, regardless of the tension of aluminum honeycomb foil.It is the aperture size of aluminum honeycomb foil, which is relatively standardized in the industry. We uphold integrity, stay away from deception, and resolutely put an end to bad behavior such as cutting corners we what is required is long-term cooperation and mutual benefit.
aluminum honeycomb foil

Aluminum honeycomb foil product performance:

1. High strength of aluminum honeycomb foil: The reason why the honeycomb structure becomes a more effective and reasonable structure in nature is because of its regular hexagonal geometry. This shape is very the external forces are well dispersed and supported by each other, making it a perfect mechanical structure.
2. Aluminum honeycomb foil is light in weight: hexagonal aluminum honeycomb foil saves a lot of raw materials by virtue of its excellent mechanical structure, and it can be used under the premise of ensuring strength.The use of thinner materials results in a lighter weight, which means that hexagonal aluminum honeycomb foils can save on raw material costs.
3. Aluminum honeycomb foil insulation and sound insulation: due to the small density of hexagonal honeycomb, the honeycomb wall that transmits heat energy and sound waves is thin, and the heat insulation and sound insulation performance are better than round tube type honeycomb.
honeycomb aluminum foil

Aluminum honeycomb foil Product Usage:

Mingtai aluminum aluminum honeycomb foils are widely used, and different sizes of aluminum honeycomb foils may be used differently. For example, microporous aluminum honeycomb foils can be used as filter materials, general specifications of aluminum bees.The nest foil can be used as a composite material or the like.1. The use of commonly used aluminum honeycomb foil: aluminum honeycomb foil with common specifications such as side length of 4mm to 6mm is generally used as a composite material in composite panels, which is more common .It is an aluminum honeycomb panel composite material, an aluminum ceiling composite material, and a stone composite board material;2. Use of microporous aluminum honeycomb foil and small-aperture aluminum honeycomb foil: small-aperture aluminum honeycomb foil with side length of 1.5mm~3mm can generally be used as filter material and lampshade material (Light filtration), paper honeycomb composite materials, etc.;
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