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The advantages of Mingtai's milk cap aluminum foil

Date: 2019-11-21 09:30

As people's living standard rises ceaselessly, to food and its packaging high quality, diversification requirement also is higher and higher, cup installs yoghurt to go deep into people's life gradually, the choice of material of sealing of yoghurt of plastic cup is very important, should consider the protective effect to yoghurt already, should consider the convenience that consumer opens to drink again. Milk cap aluminum foil  should not only have a good barrier, to ensure the quality of products, and improve yogurt products at the same time, but also to ensure the convenience of consumers.

milk cap aluminum foil materials

Mingtai  milk cap aluminum foil products:

Mingtai aluminum is a large manufacturer of Milk cap aluminum foil raw materials, the company's 8011 aluminum foil raw materials are widely used in yogurt sealing film, mingtai 8011-o state aluminum foil needle holes, barrier and heat sealing performance is good, and the product clean in addition to oil, clean surface, products reach food level, high temperature cooking, safety and sanitation.


The 8011-o state Milk cap aluminum foil raw material produced by mingtai aluminum industry, through user feedback, USES the yogurt sealing film made by ming-tai aluminum foil, which meets the technical requirements of national environmental protection standards and food standards, to ensure the health and safety of the environment and products. And products in 121℃-125℃ high temperature cooking on the substrate film has no impact, and yi si effect is good, no residual sealing surface.

Henan mingtai is China's top ten aluminum foil manufacturers, can undertake 3-2000 tons of Milk cap aluminum foil raw material orders, product quality is stable, global export, affordable price, can rest assured purchase!

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