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Application status of medicine foil for medicine packaging

Date: 2019-09-18 10:49

Medicinal foil, a pharmaceutical packaging material, is a sealing material that is sealed on a medicinal plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet, also known as a lid material. Its surface can be printed in colorful letters and patterns, and the front and back sides are printable. The medicine foil is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of 99% and is calendered.

Advantages of medicine foil:

The advantage of medicine foil is that it is non-toxic and tasteless, has excellent electrical conductivity and light-shielding properties, and has high moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and taste retention. Because the medicine foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, it can completely block any gas, water vapor and light, and can most effectively protect the packaged object. In modern packaging, almost all products that require opaque or high-barrier composites use 8011 aluminum foil as a barrier layer, so they are widely used.

medicine foil

Some problems with the medicine foil:

At present, the overall quality preference of medicinal aluminum foil on the market, but there are still some problems. From the actual situation of the reaction of some pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers, there are mainly the following problems: the number of pinholes of medicine foil is far below Claim. The medicine foil pinhole is a penetrating defect, which seriously affects the barrier properties of aluminum foil, especially for the outer packaging of medicines. It is easy to make oxygen, water vapor and light penetrate and the drug's efficacy is reduced.

medicine aluminum foil

The medicine foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the pinhole below 0.3mm, and the printing needs and safety requirements of pharmaceutical packaging.

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