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Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 supplied by Mingtai

Date: 2019-08-26 17:26

The increased purity of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235:

The increased purity of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235, of course, has a good impact on the quality of the electrode foil, but on the other hand, the cost is increasing. At the same time, corrosive media are constantly changing, some media concentrations are increasing, and some media types are changing, which are unfavorable for environmental protection work, resulting in heavy environmental tasks for production companies, which may require a reduction in the purity of aluminum. From the latest composition analysis of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235, it has been found that there is a trend in this area. The improvement of the quality of corroded foils is inseparable from the improvement of the quality of aluminum foil. The peak period of the anode foil is in the 1980s, and there are two peaks in the anode foil: one peak is about 1977 to 1978. The other peak period is around 1983. The peak period of these patents shows that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. From a global perspective, the trend of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 is as follows: High-voltage anode foil High-pressure anode foil can be divided into two categories, one is high-quality high-pressure foil; the other is ordinary high-pressure foil.

The high-quality Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 features:

The high-quality Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 features “two high and one thin”, namely high purity, high cubic texture and a thin surface oxide film. These products are of high quality but costly. Aluminum purity >99.99%, cubic texture 96%. The vacuum heat treatment is carried out under the conditions of 10-3 Pa to 10-5 Pa. Ordinary 1235 H22 battery foil is an economical and practical high-pressure anode foil with aluminum purity >99.98%, cubic texture >92%, vacuum heat treatment under 10-1pa~10-2pa conditions. The process of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 is more complicated. We believe that it is impossible to adopt a method to meet the requirements of each section of voltage, which can be roughly divided as follows. Low-pressure foils less than 35Vf should develop corrosion of the hard-battery Battery Aluminum Foil 1235. The characteristic is that the hard state can provide a large number of corrosive fine cores and corrosion channels. As for DC corrosion and AC corrosion, which kind of power supply needs to be studied. The industry believes that the specific volume of the method can be increased by 5μF/cm2 compared with the soft method. A low-pressure foil of more than 50 Vf, the soft high-purity aluminum foil provides a plurality of conditions for the orientation of the crystal face, and a corrosion foil having a large etching hole can be obtained.

Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 is also available :

Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 is also available in both soft and hard states. 1235 H22 battery foil is dominated by soft electrochemical corrosion, while Western Europe is dominated by hard chemical corrosion. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The soft state uses Battery Aluminum Foil 1235 (>99.85%) with high purity. It has no copper, excellent quality and high cost. The hard state uses low-purity copper-containing aluminum foil, which has low cost and ratio. Easy to improve. In order to develop a copper foil-free or low-copper negative electrode foil having a moderate electrostatic capacity and a low cost, an alloy such as AL-Fe or AL-Mg can be used. Among them, Battery Aluminum Foil 1235, which is based on high-purity aluminum, adds trace copper as the corrosion core. Its specific volume is comparable to that of high-purity soft-state electrochemical corrosion method. Because of its low cost, it should win the market.
The increased purity of Battery Aluminum Foil 1235
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