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Easy-drawn cans commonly used alloy -5052 aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-23 17:29

5052 aluminum foil mainly Can lids for cans:

With the continuous development of the times, the characteristics of aluminum processed products have become more and more prominent, and they are gradually favored by consumers. In everyday life, we are exposed to The main materials for the cans include the 5182 alloy pull ring, the 3004 roll body, the 5052 alloy roll cover and the 3004, 5052 alloy roll used for the bottom of the can. 5052 aluminum foil mainly Can lids for cans and can also be used for tank bottoms. Because the 5052 alloy is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, it has good corrosion resistance, weldability and cold workability. It has medium strength and its surface is very bright after polishing. Therefore, the 5052 alloy is mostly used for can lids. In addition, it is widely used in oxidizing materials, general coils and fuel tanks.Materials, LCD backplanes, door panels, etc.

5052 aluminum foil is the most widely used:

About 5052 aluminum foil, which belongs to Al-Mg alloy, has good cold workability, good molding processability and corrosion resistance. 5052 alloy is the most widely used.A kind of rust-proof aluminum, which has high strength, especially has fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and good plasticity in semi-cold hardening, 5052 aluminum foil is used to make a beverage lid without internal pressure. The condition is H19. The material is first oxidized to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating.Cover forming processing, the surface quality of the 5052 alloy can lid material produced by our company is good and the performance is stable. Mingtai Aluminum has always placed quality first and strict in raw materials.In the customer's demand, the manufacturer custom production, precision docking post-processing; in the product quality, strict control, 100% quality commitment, quality Volume after-sales guarantee agreement. In service, global logistics distribution, procurement, production, distribution one-stop service.

Related questions and answers about 5052 aluminum foil:

Q: Which aluminum alloy is the can?
A: As far as the composition of the can itself is concerned, it is mainly composed of three kinds of aluminum alloys. The can body and the bottom of the can are 3004 aluminum alloy, and the can lid is 5182 aluminum alloy.The ring is a 5042 aluminum alloy.
Q: Which cans are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy?
A: There are two kinds of materials on the aluminum alloy cans. The material of the cans is 3104 H19. The tensile properties are good. The cover is made of 5052 H19 or 5182 H19.The pull ring is also made of 5052 alloy. The can is an aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum alloy, which belongs to rust-proof aluminum. Aluminum alloy is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum, its strength High, high plasticity in the annealed state, good corrosion and good weldability.
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