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Development trend of medicine aluminum foil printing

Date: 2019-09-22 17:00

The medicine aluminum foil is based on industrial pure aluminum foil, and the surface pattern is printed on the surface and divided by the protective agent, and the other side is coated with an adhesive (the text pattern can also be printed before the adhesive is applied). The purpose of the protective agent is to prevent the surface printing ink layer from being worn, and also to prevent the outer layer ink from coming into contact with the inner layer adhesive when the medicine aluminum foil is wound up, thereby causing contamination of the medicine. The role of the adhesive is to bond the medicine aluminum foil to the plastic hard sheet to seal the drug.

Printing adhesives for medicine aluminum foil:

At present, the adhesives used in medicine  aluminum foil are mainly divided into one-component adhesives and two-component adhesives. The composition of the one-component adhesive is mainly made of natural rubber, as well as nitrocellulose fibers and acrylates. Since the main agent is an elastomer, plus an additive as an auxiliary agent, it is formulated with an organic solvent to form an emulsion. Dryness, hot melt and a certain bond strength. With the improvement of the hygienic requirements for medicine aluminum foil packaging materials, the application amount of such one-component adhesives is gradually reduced, and the 8011 aluminum foil printing is more based on a two-component polyurethane adhesive. It is mainly composed of a main agent and a curing agent. The main agent generally contains a plurality of active hydrogens such as a hydroxyl group, an amino group and the like, and the curing agent is composed of a compound of a polyisocyanate.

medicine foil

Solvent-free adhesive for medicine aluminum foil printing:

In the future, the application of adhesives for medicine aluminum foil printing will be developed in the direction of solventless. Its composition is also a two-component polyurethane type. The difference is that the main agent and curing agent have higher viscosity at room temperature, but still have flow. Sexually, the semi-curing agent is mixed in proportion and placed on a medicine aluminum foil substrate with a gravure roll with heating and heat preservation function. After the glue is applied, it does not need to be heated and dried by the drying tunnel. Because there is no solvent, it can be directly used with medicinal aluminum foil. Bonding. The use of solvent-free adhesives does not present exhaust emissions problems, and there is no need to provide bulk drying oven heating and blasting devices in the printing coating equipment. Most manufacturers are highly concerned about environmental protection and have adopted such adhesives.

medicine foil

The adhesive used in the printing of medicinal aluminum foil needs to have good resistance to high and low temperature, resistance to medium erosion and high adhesion. The solvent-free binder bridges the adhesive molecules with the bonded medicine aluminum foil material, resulting in stronger adhesion. Due to the good adhesion of such adhesives, medicinal aluminum foil printing and coating adhesion and printing and compounding of various types of plastic films have been widely used.

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