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Electronic aluminum foil for anti-static aluminum foil bag

Date: 2019-08-16 20:25

Anti-static aluminum foil bag advantages:

Electronic aluminum foil is used for anti-static aluminum foil bag. It has excellent functions of anti-static, anti-radio frequency, waterproof vapor penetration and salt spray prevention. The general aluminum foil bag is mainly suitable for some edible foods, but it is used for electronic aluminum foil anti-static shielding bag. Packaging of electronic products with moisture-proof requirements: various types of PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, and vacuum packaging of chemical raw materials and biological intermediates. This bag protects static-sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent, and their unique four-layer structure creates a “sense hood effect to protect the contents of the bag from electrostatic fields.
anti-static aluminum foil bag

Electronic aluminum foil can only be used as the middle material of the bag:

In addition, the inner layer is composed of static ethylene which can be eliminated. The antistatic function is superior. The disadvantage of aluminum foil itself is that it is brittle and easy to break. It is more difficult to compound. The most serious disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it is poor in acid resistance, so when packaging juice or acid products. The sealing layer is not placed in the inner side, so as to ensure that it will not be separated by the acid penetration. Furthermore, there is no heat sealability, and it cannot be used as the innermost layer of the composite bag to integrate the above material properties. The aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag can only be used as the middle material of the bag.
electronic aluminum foil
Mingtai specializes in the production and processing of aluminum foil materials. The electronic aluminum foil used for anti-static aluminum foil bags has the characteristics of good puncture and tear resistance, anti-explosion performance, high temperature resistance and good perfume retention. Effectively increase product shelf life. At the same time, it is non-toxic and can prevent moisture and oxidation, and will not cause damage to product quality. It meets environmental standards and will not pollute the environment.
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