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Electronic foil production development

Date: 2019-09-02 17:23

Prior to the 1980s, electrolytic capacitors mostly used manual chemical etching, and after the 1980s, they were linked to electrochemical corrosion. The electronic foil used for manual etching is of low purity (99.3% to 99.7%), and the quality of electronic foil processing is not high. Linked electrochemical corrosion requires the purity of the electronic foil to be higher and higher, and the processing quality of the aluminum foil is also required to be more and more refined. In terms of the purity of aluminum, the purity of aluminum in the 1980s was 99.99%. This is the requirement of electronic foil and the advancement of technology in the aluminum processing industry.

electrolytic capacitors

The purity of the electronic foil is improved:

The improvement in the purity of the electronic foil, of course, has a good effect on the quality improvement of the electrode foil, but on the other hand, the cost is increasing. At the same time, corrosive media are constantly changing, some media concentrations are increasing, and some media types are changing, which are unfavorable for environmental protection work, resulting in heavy environmental tasks for production companies, which may require a reduction in the purity of aluminum. From the analysis of the newer components of electronic foil on the market, it has been found that there is a trend in this aspect.

eletronic foil

Advances in the quality of electronic foil:

The improvement of the quality of corroded foils is inseparable from the advancement of the quality of electronic foils. From the perspective of Japanese patents, the patent peak period of negative foils is in the 1980s, and there are two peaks in the patent period of electronic foils: one peak From 1977 to 1978, another peak period was around 1983. The peak period of these patents shows that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. With the advancement of technology, the quality and efficiency of electronic foil products produced by manufacturers are constantly improving.

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