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Introduction of the characteristics of food packaging aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-25 14:29

8011-O aluminum foil is a material for food packaging:

In daily life, the close relationship between food packaging and food has long been recognized. Whether it is a shopping mall, a supermarket or every family, design excellence can be seen everywhere beautiful, practical and convenient food packaging. Food packaging foil not only plays a role in protecting food from foreign factors, but also is easy to eat storage, transportation and sale of goods. In most cases, the beautiful appearance of food packaging is also to attract the attention of consumers, causing consumers to purchase hope. Food packaging has become an integral part of food in modern society. 8011-O aluminum foil is a material for food packaging.
packaging aluminum foil

The 8011 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a clean surface:

The 8011 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has a clean surface, uniform color, no spots, and no pinholes; it has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capability.The use of food packaging to better protect food from damage, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic, packaged foods can be used with confidence. 8011 aluminum foil can not only used in food packaging foil materials, 8011 aluminum foil is used in the production of aluminum caps, food, pharmaceutical packaging and radiators. For example, its production of 8011 aluminum.The foil is mainly used for some vacuum-packed solid medicines, medicine stickers and capsules in pharmaceutical packaging; in food packaging, due to its unique properties, it is not easy to oxygenate chemical reaction, so it is the best raw material for lunch boxes and beverage bottles.
8011 aluminum foil

Related questions and answers about packaging aluminum foil:

Q: What are the advantages of packaging aluminum foil?
A: The advantages of packaging aluminum foil are summarized as the following five points: 1 Isolated air is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof. 2The mechanical function is strong, and the anti-explosive function is high.Anti-puncture and tear resistance is strong. 3 high temperature resistance (121), low temperature resistance (-50), oil resistance, and good fragrance. 4 non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging cleaning standards. 5 heat sealing function is good and soft.
Q: Why do you choose aluminum foil food packaging bags? What are the advantages of aluminum foil bags?
A: Aluminum foil paper is usually used in food for life (such as aluminum foil paper tray). It is used to cover bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. during barbecue come to the barbecue to avoid burning them. Sometimes used for decoration. Modern aluminum foil paper is made of aluminum and can also be used as an aluminum electrode for electrolysis. There are also hair stylists perm for customers with aluminum foil.
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