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Several Factors Affecting the Forming of 5052 Aluminum Foil

Date: 2019-07-22 16:15

Factors affecting the casting of 5052 aluminum foil:

1. The matching gap between the casting roll sleeve and the roll core is not uniform. Low machining accuracy or core erosion during use can cause unevenness in the gap, thus making the cooling is not uniform, in which case the core of the roll is to be unwound.
2. The bearing gap of the casting roll should be moderate, generally controlled at 0.3mm-0.35mm. If the clearance is too small, it will affect the service life of the bearing. If the clearance is too large, it will affect the casting.The longitudinal plate difference of the rolled blank.
3. The mouth opening and lip thickness of the casting nozzle should be as uniform as possible. For horizontal continuous casting and rolling mills, the pressure plate must be stressed when installing the casting nozzle.
4. Maintain a certain pre-stress before the vertical plate to eliminate the elastic deformation of the arch. The prestress setting is generally two-thirds of the rated rolling pressure when 5052 aluminum foil producted.
5. Rolling pressure on the drive side and the operating side. Through a certain range of pressure adjustment, the lateral thickness difference of the cast slab can be controlled within a specified range, thereby ensuring the plate.The favorable control of the shape, the impact of the rolling pressure on the thickness of the cast slab varies for different mills and products of different specifications.
6. Tension. Appropriate tension can level the plate shape to some extent, reduce the sticking roller phenomenon and improve the shape of the plate.
5052 aluminum foil

5052 aluminum foil related questions and answers:

Q: When aluminum foil is stamped and formed, it is easy to tear. How to deal with this problem?
A: Bending, flanging, drawing, bulging, etc. are called forming. It is estimated that you are talking about drawing. The aluminum plate is really easy to crack when deep drawing, try to take the next The measures to reduce the crushing: (1) reduce the blanking force, to the limit of wrinkles (2) if possible, can be oiled (3) if allowed, can be coated (4)Presses that run slowly, such as hydraulic presses.
Q: Can aluminum-plastic panels be formed on site?
A: Yes, of course, different shapes and shape construction time are not the same, the main tools, 1, trimming machine 2., chicken mouth knife , pasteUse all-purpose glue.
Q: Which manufacturer of 5052 aluminum foil is good?
A: Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry is relatively good, the professional 5052 aluminum foil manufacturer has been favored by customers, specializing in the production of various specifications of pure aluminum foil, aluminum coil, alloy aluminum plate, and other products, has a complete, scientific quality management system.
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