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What is the performance of lithium battery 1235 aluminum foil?

Date: 2019-08-06 15:55

Introduction to lithium battery 1235 aluminum foil:

1235 aluminum foil is a soft metal film, because of its excellent characteristics, it is widely used in life. 1235 aluminum foil aluminum content of not less than 99.35% aluminum foil, Mingtai aluminum industry can process 0.018-0.5mm thickness of 1235-O state, 1235-H18 aluminum foil, etc., because of its excellent rust-proof properties, formability, It is widely used in cables, tape foils, and aluminum foils for lithium battery positive electrodes.
lithium battery

lithium battery 1235 aluminum foil is relatively high:

Lithium batterie1235 aluminum foil is relatively high in purity and conductivity, so it is often used as a battery foil. The battery foil belongs to the finished product in the aluminum foil. The precision of the performance quality of the aluminum foil is very high. Therefore, the processing of the battery foil is more difficult and the process requirements are higher, mainly in the thickness, strength and surface quality requirements of the aluminum foil. aspect. Mingtai Aluminum's 1235 battery foil has a small thickness of 0.014mm and a strength of >180Mpa.
1235 aluminum foil

Advantages of lithium battery 1235 aluminum foil:

Mingtai Aluminum's lithium battery 1235 aluminum foil has the following advantages: 1. The surface of aluminum foil has uniform color, cleanness, flatness, no obvious roll marks, pitting, pinholes and corrosion marks; 2. No creases or spots on the surface of aluminum foil , bright line and other rolling defects; 3, aluminum foil surface without color difference; 4, the surface is oil-free, no serious oil odor, no visible oil spots.
Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum foil raw material manufacturer for lithium batteries. It supplies 1235, 1060, 1070 aluminum foil products with a thickness range of 0.014-0.55mm and a width range of 100-1600mm. The process is mature, the quality is stable, and the world exports.
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