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composite material for printing medicine foil

Date: 2019-09-20 13:50

Application Status of Polyvinyl Chloride Materials for Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Printing Currently, a large amount of medicinal polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheets are used. Since the drug is sensitive to moisture, light, etc., the composite material should have good barrier properties against water vapor, light, and odor.

What kind of composite material is used for the medicine foil composite material

From the current effect, the use of polyvinyl chloride as a printing material for pharmaceutical foil packaging is still not ideal in terms of moisture resistance, so the use of polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) or other composite materials should be promoted for some time to come. Due to its high density, regular structure and high crystallinity, polyvinylidene chloride has extremely strong gas tightness, excellent moisture resistance, good oil resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance, especially The oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide gases in the air have excellent barrier properties, and the advantages of the 8021 aluminum foil from Mingtai Aluminum can be better. Therefore, polyvinylidene chloride is relatively suitable as a composite material for pharmaceutical foil packaging.

medicine foil packaging

Polyvinylidene chloride used as a medicine foil composite

Polyvinylidene chloride is compared with composite materials of the same thickness. The barrier property of polyvinylidene chloride to oxygen is 1500 times that of polyethylene (PE), 100 times that of polypropylene (PP), and it is polyester (PET). 100 times, water vapor and oxygen are also better than polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinylidene chloride not only has good barrier to gas and odor, but also has various indexes such as impact strength, tensile strength and durability of sealing. It can meet the special requirements of printing of foil packaging composite materials. The main development direction of composite materials.

8021 aluminum foil

It is expected that the demand for PVC foil for pharmaceutical foil packaging will continue to expand in the coming period, and new high-barrier materials such as polyvinylidene chloride hard sheets and other plastic composites PVC/PVDC/ will be gradually adopted. PE, PVDC/OPP/PE, PVC/PE and other light-proof brown composite plastic hard sheets will be widely used in the printing and packaging of pharmaceutical aluminum foil.

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