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Medicine foil adapts to the pharmaceutical industry

Date: 2019-09-06 17:27
At present, the food and pharmaceutical industries are the two industries with the largest number of 8021 aluminum foils. Food aluminum foil is widely used in restaurants, supermarkets and food stores in China. The pharmaceutical industry is mostly used in hospitals and is suitable for various medicine bottles. With the improvement of people's living standards, lifestyle changes, and environmental awareness, the application in the family will continue to spread, and the potential of the medicine foil market is huge. The application of 8021 aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical and food industries is also becoming more widespread.

The emergence of medicine foil

The emergence of medicine foil has enabled the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging market economy, which not only improved people's living standards, but also achieved remarkable results in all walks of life. In order to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical companies, it is necessary to increase the investment of funds to achieve more secure and reliable packaging and increase the output of technology. In a general sense, an 8021 aluminum foil refers to an aluminum strip having a thickness of less than or equal to 0.2 mm formed by rolling an aluminum or aluminum alloy strip. As a pharmaceutical packaging material, an important structural material and a functional material, 8021 aluminum foil is widely used in various regions and is now used in pharmaceutical factories, food, cosmetics and other industries.

8021 aluminum foil

More excellent medicine foil products

With the advancement of technology, the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry has been promoted. This is the crystallization of technology and the opportunity of the medicine foil, laying a good technical foundation for future development. For the 8021 aluminum foil processing manufacturers, not only must the customer's needs be the mainstay, but also the introduction of technical talents, so as to better innovate the products, improve product quality and performance, and produce more excellent medicine foil products.
medicine foil application
Mingtai Aluminum has a strong production capacity. The annual production capacity of 8021 aluminum foil is 650,000 tons, which is a long-term supply for many domestic and foreign companies.
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