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Notes for use of aluminum composite panel

Date: 2019-07-31 14:05
aluminum plastic panel is a new generation of decoration and curtain that rose rapidly in the mid-1920s. Its reason is more like bonding is not firm, raw material wall Material, it has rich color, light use and rich modern gas meaning and be polluted quickly, use inferior raw material, bring in bubble in the production process, etc., will Shadow comes into our life quickly. But because the market is optimistic, in recent years there have been a lot of ring production of the appearance and use of safety, shoddy products, caused a lot The quality problem caused great loss.Common quality reasons include:

Aluminum foil production workshop

1. reducing the thin aluminum plate is a very common problem
The strength of the aluminum-plastic composite plate is largely borne by the aluminum composite panel. The aluminum plate is too thin, the product strength is very low, easy to deformation, and even endanger personal safety. countries.The inner aluminum plate is sold by weight, so many manufacturers are trying to reduce the thickness of aluminum plate to increase the length of aluminum coil, so as to reduce the cost.

2. Selection of bonding materials
Because polyethylene is difficult to bond directly with aluminum composite panel. . Therefore, a bonding layer is used. Currently, a special plastic film is usually used, which has two sides .It can be bonded with metal aluminum on one side and polyethylene on the other all the time. Materials for bonding with aluminum plate need to be imported and expensive, so if doped Make false, can cause a product to compound bad. Additional, individual manufacturer USES inferior glue to stick, brush glue for besmear of the child, often want to add a few people to glue Organic diluents, which are sealed between the aluminum plate and the core material, are difficult to completely volatilize, affecting the bonding performance on the one hand, and indoor air on the other hand 
Cause some pollution.

The selection of core material
At present, the core materials of aluminum-bonded composite plates are all made of polyz-ene rather than polyvinyl chloride, because polychlorobenes will produce strong and deadly gas when burned, because 
This has not been adopted in China. Some manufacturers used to recycle complex ingredients, not through strict sorting and treatment, more impurities, product quality instability.

Use the interior panel as the exterior panel
The aluminum of the outer wall board shall be rust-proof aluminum, and the surface paint shall be the internationally recognized fluorocarbon paint with the best anti-aging performance, so as to ensure that the product will be exposed to rain in a west Outdoor has long service life. However, some of the inner wallboard when the outer wallboard, some use non-fluorocarbon paint as fluorocarbon paint, seriously shorten the product life
, causing unnecessary economic losses.

aluminum composition panel wraped

To sum up, it is very important to choose quality guaranteed aluminum composite panel.  products from the perspective of long-term economic benefits. Henan mintai aluminum in the production of aluminum composite panel.  in the process of learning experience, continuous innovation technology, in accordance with strict generation standards and process control, basically using 8011 O state alloy, thickness control between 0.016-0.1, no burr, no bump, warmly welcome you to inquire or purchase. 
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