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Offer 5083 aluminum sheet coil quote

Date: 2020-03-18 15:21

5083 aluminum sheet coil introduction

5083 aluminum sheet coil belongs to Al-Mg-Si series high magnesium alloy. It has good strength, corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, and good cold workability among non-heat-treatable alloys. The surface is beautiful after anodizing. The arc welding function is good.

5083 aluminum coil

5083 aluminum sheet coil is a promising alloy. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes the 5083 aluminum coil sheet widely used in maritime applications such as ships, as well as automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, etc., and pressure vessels that require strict fire protection (such as Liquid tankers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), refrigeration units, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation aluminum, armor, etc.

Advantages of 5083 aluminum sheet coil

5083 aluminum sheet coil has low density and high strength; durable, economical and environmentally friendly, and high safety performance; 5083 aluminum sheet is anodized after the surface is beautiful; arc welding performance is good; good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability; marine Aluminum sheet is the best choice, which can reduce the weight of the ship by more than 20%, and can provide China and Swiss classification society certification;

5083 aluminum sheet coil

Mingtai Aluminum has always put the quality of 5083 aluminum sheet coil first, and strictly control the raw materials, it can offer the accurate quote of 5083 aluminum sheet coil; on the needs of customers, manufacturers customize the production and accurately dock the post-processing.

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