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Packaging aluminum foil for the production of tea bags

Date: 2019-08-16 20:27

Packaging aluminum foil -Ideal packaging material:

The arrival of the hot summer gives people a lazy atmosphere that makes people not love activities. The high temperature in summer also puts forward new requirements for all aspects of tea packaging bags. The packaging aluminum foil material is relatively thick and high in density, ensuring the tight sealing of the bag, without oil and odor. Sunlight can be avoided under vacuum conditions. The packaging aluminum foil is excellent in anti-breakage, moisture-proof and sealing performance when used in metal can packaging, and is an ideal packaging material for tea.
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Packaging aluminum foil for tea protection:

The canister can be enclosed in a deoxidizer packaging process to remove oxygen from the package. Sealed tanks are mostly inflated and vacuum packed. The packaging aluminum foil has better protection against tea than the composite film, and the appearance is beautiful and noble. The packaging aluminum foil and the like are formed by printing, and the aluminum foil packaging prevents breakage and the shading performance is also excellent. In order to solve the volatilization of the tea leaves in the carton packaging and to avoid the influence of external odor, the tea is usually packaged in the outer layer of the packaged aluminum foil bag and then placed in the carton, thereby ensuring that the paper bag has a fast brewing, clean and hygienic standard. Mixed drinks, convenient slag discharge, easy to carry and so on.
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Packaging aluminum foil for the production of tea bags packaging requirements:

Packaging aluminum foil for the production of tea bags Packaging requirements: packaging aluminum foil has many advantages such as light weight, not easy to break, good heat sealing, and reasonable price. It is widely used in packaging, and there are many kinds of packaging for packaging aluminum foil. Such as moisture-proof cellophane polyethylene/paper polyethylene, biaxially stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil polyethylene, polyethylene polyvinylidene chloride polyethylene, etc., packaging aluminum foil has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, aroma retention, anti-odor Wait. Of course, the most important step in the packaging of tea in summer is to refrigerate.
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