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the price of 8011 aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-19 11:06

8011 aluminum foil recent market situation:

The futures market continued to rise slightly. The price of 8011 aluminum foil rebounded again after the weekend's decline. The overall market showed an upward trend, but the current market is on aluminum foil.There is no obvious release of demand. Merchants generally reflect that shipments are similar to the previous ones. However, some aluminum foil factories have relatively few resources, and merchants offer relatively firm prices.There are even some small increases, but some merchants said that the current aluminum foil transaction has not improved significantly, and the resource supply pressure still exists in the latter stage.The current operation is still mainly based on shipments. The support price of aluminum foil is slightly insufficient, but the possibility of decline is not large. The price of medium-thick aluminum foil is basically stable, some Business quotations rose slightly. Some merchants quotation is stable, they think that although the price is rising in the market, there are still higher concessions, and the price of aluminum foil is rising.The meaning is not great. Affected by the recent price increase of aluminum ingots, the attitude of holding a wait-and-see attitude is mostly. Short-term domestic aluminum foil prices are expected to remain stable.

8011 aluminum foil price is affected by processing conditions:

The aluminum alloy is prone to large stress deformation during the processing, especially in the machining process of 8011 aluminum foil, resulting in the size overrun, and some are not deformed at that time.It is also often caused by deformation after installation to cause more system problems. Several current aluminum alloy stress-relieving methods include thermal aging to stress and vibration aging.Stress, mechanical stretching, mold correction, and cryogenic composite stress relief.Thermal aging stress is generally applied to small and medium-sized parts. It is a traditional method of stress reduction. Because many aluminum alloy materials are very sensitive to temperature, they are limited.The aging temperature should not be too high, otherwise the strength of the material will be lowered. Therefore, the thermal aging is usually carried out at a temperature not higher than 200 ° C, so the stress relief effect is only Can remove about 10-35%. Vibration aging de-stressing is the use of a controlled vibration energy through a vibrator clamped on the surface of the processed product to act on the processed product at a specific frequency.The vibration treatment is performed at a rate to achieve the purpose of releasing and reducing the residual stress of the workpiece. This processing method is common in large structural parts, welding and casting.The stress relief treatment of the piece is about 50-60%.
8011 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil cold pressing method:

The mold-correcting cold pressing method eliminates the residuals in the complex shape aluminum alloy die forgings by a strictly controlled limited cold shaping in a special finishing mold.Residual stress, which is to adjust rather than eliminate the overall stress level of the part, which releases the residual stress on certain parts of the aluminum alloy product.At the same time, it is possible to increase the residual stress in other parts. In addition, since the workpiece has a large residual stress, the amount of molding deformation is too large.Can cause cold work hardening, cracks and fractures; while the deformation is too small, the stress relief effect is not good, and the cost of making plastic molds is also high, shaping
The difficulty of operation is also large, so the limitation of this method is difficult to apply in actual operation.
8011 aluminum foil

Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil is of good quality and reasonable price:

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale 8011 aluminum foil raw material manufacturer. Mingtai Aluminum can produce 0.016-0.5mm single-zero 8011 aluminum foil. The product is flat and the surface is clean and oil-free. Suitable for making wrinkle-free lunch boxes. The price of aluminum foil consists of two parts: “aluminum ingot price + processing fee”. Different alloys, uses, widths, thicknesses and product prices are different. You can get in touch with us in the following ways. We will send you a detailed quotation within 10 minutes. Information, look forward to your every consultation! Henan Mingtai is China's top ten aluminum foil manufacturer, can undertake 5-2000 tons of 8006 aluminum foil raw material orders, 7-35 days delivery, product quality is stable, global exports, affordable, can be assured of purchasing!
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