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Selection of aluminum foil for lunch containers

Date: 2019-08-19 18:59
The aluminum foil lunch container is an emerging metal container that many people have seen, but not many people have used it. So what kind of material is the aluminum foil for the lunch containers ? How much do you know? If you are a food and beverage business manager, how much do you know about your purchase? If you are a consumer, how much do you know?
Here, please allow me to introduce to you, aluminum foil lunch containers from packaging aluminum foil raw materials to finished products, what issues should be noted, what details need to be learned from the enterprise!
lunch containers

Aluminum foil processing process for lunch containers:

The production of aluminum foil lunch containers seems to be simple. It is mainly formed by stamping aluminum foil raw materials for lunch containers through aluminum foil lunch containers molds, then packaging and then selling them to the market! However, in this process, there are actually several steps. Also a few of the most important details! They are: whether the raw material of the aluminum foil for the lunch containers is qualified, whether the stamping oil is food grade, whether the mold is of sufficient grade, whether the packaging process is hygienic enough, and whether the transportation process is safe enough!
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Aluminum foil raw material grade for lunch containers:

To check the aluminum foil raw materials of the purchased lunch containers , all of them are food grade. Each batch of aluminum foil materials for lunch containers must pass the SGS heavy metal test report. The stamping oil used in production must comply with the international food safety inspection and quarantine. Must adopt a standard dust-free clean workshop, food-grade bag set! Resolutely resist the packaging process and packaging bags that do not meet the hygiene standards, and ensure that the aluminum foil lunch containers is hygienic and safe.
Mingtai Aluminum, a professional aluminum foil for lunch containers produced for many years, the production of l aluminum foil  for  lunch containers won the praise of new and old customers.
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