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standard aluminum foil thickness density

Date: 2020-04-03 13:05

What is the standard aluminum foil thickness in mm

There is a certain difference in standard aluminum foil thickness. According to the thickness difference can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil and double zero foil. ① Thick foil ("heavy gaugefoil"): A foil having a thickness of 0.1 to 0.2 mm. ②Single zero foil ("medium gauge foil"): a foil having a thickness of 0.01 mm and less than 0.1 mm /. ③ Double zero foil ("light gauge foil"): The so-called double zero foil is a foil with two zeros after the decimal point when the thickness is measured in mm, usually aluminum foil with a thickness less than 0.01, that is, 0.005 to 0.009 mm . Foreign countries sometimes call aluminum foil with a thickness of ≤40ltm "light gauge foil", and aluminum foil with a thickness of> 40btm are collectively called "heavy gauge foil".

standard aluminum foil thickness

standard aluminum foil density

In general, the relative density of aluminum is about 2.7g / cm3, and the density of standard aluminum foil density is 2.7g / cm3. 1000 series aluminum foil will have a slightly higher density due to its higher purity. Mingtai Aluminum can produce 1000-8000 series standard aluminum foil thickness.

Calculate aluminum foil weight by thickness and density

The weight of aluminum foil depends on the length, width, density, and thickness of aluminum foil. It is known that the density of aluminum foil is 2.71 (based on 1mm thick aluminum foil). For example, the thickness is 0.1mm, the length of the aluminum foil is 11 meters, and the width is 1000mm (1m). Then calculate 11m * 1m * 2.71mm * 0.1mm = 2.981kg.

The standard aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminm has complete specifications, covering various thicknesses, high quality and low price, and special specifications can be customized.

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