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What aluminum foil for transformer?

Date: 2019-08-28 17:26

Transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil and the iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulation (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. The aluminum foil for transformer can effectively enhance the performance of the transformer.

The aluminum foil  for transformer strip is the most :

The aluminum foil  for transformer strip is the most important material for manufacturing transformer windings, which directly affects the quality of the transformer. Transformer aluminum foil, strip generally 3003 aluminum foil for transformer, in the aluminum strip family belongs to the conventional series. The 1 series and 3 series aluminum plates belong to ordinary aluminum plates, and the thickness of the aluminum foil used for the transformer is generally between 0.02 and 0.055 mm.

aluminum foil for transformer

the 1060 aluminum foil for transformre has a price advantage:

Since the production process is relatively simple and the technology is relatively mature, the 1060 aluminum foil for transformre has a price advantage over the 5 Series and 6 Series products, but in general, the 5 Series and 6 Series products are high-end products, and the production process is more complicated. The quality of the product is better, with good elongation and tensile strength, which can fully meet the normal processing requirements (stamping, stretching) and high formability.


Mingtai Aluminum produces 1-8 series aluminum foil products, and the aluminum foil for transformer international leading production process meets the customer's customized needs. Welcome customers to visit the company.

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