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Why choose 8021 aluminum foil for polymer battery?

Date: 2019-09-24 16:03

The soft pack battery is made of plain aluminum foil and plastic film and special glue. It is called aluminum plastic film. The surface of the aluminum foil is coated with lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese oxide ternary materials to make the inner core of the soft pack battery. The well-prepared inner core is placed in a well-made aluminum plastic film, and the battery of the electronic products that are commonly used nowadays is replaced by more lead-acid batteries.

8021 aluminum foil has potential

Based on the current third-generation power battery, its materials are lighter, thinner, longer cycle life, better safety, high energy density, stable platform, excellent power performance, environmental protection and pollution-free. Favor. At the same time, the quality requirements of the 8021 battery soft aluminum foil are also increasing. This product is widely used in electric bicycles, electric vehicles, electric tools, electric toys, solar photovoltaic systems, cigarette lighter power supplies, emergency lighting, portable power supplies and mine safety equipment. It seems that 8021 aluminum foil demand A large amount has potential.

8021 aluminum foil

8021 battery aluminum foil main advantages

8021's plain aluminum foil material has good performance extension. Generally, the thickness is usually 0.04mm. It is mainly used in deep-drawing packaging materials. The advantages of soft-packed battery are as follows:High energy density. The average 18650 battery capacity can be about 2200mAh, so the energy density is about 500Wh/L, and the energy density of the polymer battery can be close to 600Wh/L at this stage; the safety is good. Polymer batteries do not have this problem. Even in extreme cases, because of the low strength of the packaging film, as long as the air pressure is slightly higher, it will rupture and will not explode. The worst case is burning.

8021 battery aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum uses Honeywell thickness gauge in the production of 8021 battery soft aluminum foil to ensure the precise control of the thickness of the outlet, enhance the surface tension of 8021 aluminum foil, not less than 32 dynes under the Dyne pen test, aluminum foil roll layer The error does not exceed ±1.0mm. Secondly, the aluminum foil blanks are selected to strictly control the quality of the blanks, the amount of non-metallic slag and the grain size, and ensure the quality of the products from the raw materials.

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