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Why can electronic aluminum foil be used for electronic product packaging?

Date: 2019-08-16 20:23

Electronic aluminum foil production process:

The electronic aluminum foil is an aluminum foil processed by a series of calendering, cleaning and cutting processes on a high-purity aluminum ingot, and is a raw material for producing an electrode foil. The electronic aluminum foil is a high-purity aluminum foil which is obtained by hot-rolling a fine aluminum (high-purity aluminum) aluminum ingot into an aluminum sheet, and further cold rolling and annealing. The specific production process of the electronic aluminum foil includes: a casting, a soaking, a hot rolling, a pre-annealing, a cold rolling, an intermediate annealing, a cold rolling, a foil rolling, a cutting, and a performance testing, a package. Electronic aluminum foil mainly contains 1/3 series aluminum foil products, and electronic aluminum foil is mainly used in electronic components and other fields.
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Electronic aluminum foil for electronic product packaging materials:

The first impressions of electronic products are cameras, mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators and other equipment. However, some small electronic products, such as the electronic devices used in the above devices, are not unfamiliar to these devices. So, is the packaging of these electronic products clear? Generally speaking, the materials used in electronic products include electronic aluminum foil, anti-static, anti-static shielding, and aluminum plating.
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Electronic foil bags are a bit more:

When we understand the need to package electronic products, we recommend the use of electronic foil bags, because this price is relatively expensive compared to other bags, customers do not understand, so why do electronic products need electronic aluminum bags or Anti-static bag packaging? Electronic aluminum eliminate bag and anti-static bag for electronic products common features are anti-static, dark, opaque, and strong barrier. In the process of static electricity generation, electronic products are very likely to cause damage to the electronics without the device, so an electronic aluminum foil bag with anti-static shielding function is used. The light-shielding property of the electronic aluminum foil can prevent the electronic products from being exposed to sunlight, so that the objects are minimized by external influences.
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